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Shane and the Crimson Tide
Posted by tim on Wednesday February 22 2012 @ 10:00AM CST
[ Finebaum ]
It's been several months since Shane has left us for a better place. The void at the 4:15 slot on the Finebaum Show has yet to be filled. The voice leading the Bama parade against the Auburn minions is still silent and his wonderful prose proclaiming the greatness of Nick Saban and the Alabama Athletic Program has yet to find another bard.

The old saying, "you don't know what you have until it's gone" applies to Shane's departure. I find myself still waiting on Shane's call sometimes and when Paul replays an old Shane phone call I realize what an integral part of the show he was. Shane would get the Auburn 'family' so riled up that callers would be talking about that feller Shane the next day. Shane wasn't afraid to debate anyone on the radio or through print. Shane took on all comers and usually bested them.

Straightjacket Jim and I-man are constantly telling listeners how great they are. Jim is either delusional or a liar or both. I-man is just delusional.Shane never bragged how great he was as a caller, and he was the best. He didn't have to...people knew.

The single most astonishing prank of all time on a local level was that Shane WASN'T Paul's brother-in-law. Over the years, Shane and Paul bantered back and forth and it really seemed they were family and I guess in a sense they were brothers. Ninety nine per cent of the listening audience was fooled including myself.

There are several sites going in Shane's memory and he would be outwardly embarrassed but secretly pleased. I know he enjoyed the National Championship Game with Coach Bryant. Both most certainly sat in awe of this great Bama defense. As they say in Heaven....they were on cloud nine.

There are no end to the praise and memories of Shane. I believe a nice tribute to Shane would be name the "Caller of the Year" on Paul's show after him. I hope Shane's family is doing well and can take some comfort in knowing that Shane was loved by many and missed by more. To Shane..I know St. Peter let you in when you whispered the pass word to get on the streets of gold, it was those three little words "ROLL TIDE ROLL."